5 reasons why is it Important to Outsourcing IT

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5 reasons why is it Important to Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing has become a major trend in human resources over the past decade. It’s the practice of sending certain job functions outside a company instead of handling them in house. More and more companies, large and small, are turning to outsourcing as a way to grow while restraining payroll and overhead costs. Heres few of the points explained in details:

Improved Security and Monitoring

Keeping up with technology required to protect your business is expensive and time consuming. Professional outsourced IT providers work with multiple clients in many industries and are required to keep abreast of that industry’s best practices. A reputable outsourced IT provider will be dead serious about security against malware, zero-day hacks and other intrusions. It is their job to constantly monitor and update their protection

Focus on Core Activities

Regardless of the size of your institution, no nurse or doctor should ever have to make a phone call to the IT department to inquire whey their EMR isn’t running properly, or why their printers aren’t working. For companies depending on in-house IT resources, company management inevitably finds themselves dragged into making technical decisions or solving basic IT problems that ultimately halt operations. By outsourcing IT requirements, employees can focus on their core responsibilities.

Keeping Up to Date with New Technologies

It is extremely naïve to think that a single IT employee can keep up to date with all the latest technological advances. Innovation and automation are the current pillars of IT technology; those at the center of this creative wave are typically working in think-tanks or at firms whose sole motivation is making IT developments. No one employee can be a subject-matter-expert in all the different fields of IT that a company needs such as setup and management of servers, user support, application management. Outsourcing IT means that company has access to a pool of resources from their chosen vendor.

Reducing Costs and Overhead

Okay, so honestly every “TOP 10” list is going to tell you this, and if they are trying to convince you that your overall IT savings will be huge, they are not accurately conveying the whole picture. IT spend SHOULD be increasing. After all, everything is moving online now; from patient records, to paperless hospitals


Anyone who has working in a medical setting knows that employee turnover is quite high (68 percent turnover rate for healthcare professionals and RNs.) Outsourcing will provide a level of continuity to the company while reducing the risk that a substandard level of operation would bring to the company. Additionally, as new services are added to your IT platform there is no need to hire additional staff to operate those services. Simply contact the vendor for more storage, memory and processors as needed.

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