Immunization US state registries: Bi-directional Integration for COVID vaccine reporting

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Immunization US state registries: Bi-directional Integration for COVID vaccine reporting

Immunization information systems, also known as immunization registries, have been around for over 20 years and provide immunization records that can be used by schools, childcare providers, colleges, and camps. While usually run by state, city or regional public health agencies, these systems typically have evolved through close partnerships with health-care professionals, especially pediatric and family physicians, and increasingly with health-care providers who serve adults.

Most of the states in the US took a hybrid approach, using a dashboard to direct would-be patients to the appropriate provider. In recent months, Covid vaccine management kick started in many states, Texas was no exception and within short notice by Houston City to all Healthsytem made it mandatory to comply for COVID vaccine reporting.  


US State wise Vaccine Rollout Status Source:

Texas currently has one of the highest vaccine uptake rates in US – individuals can use the interactive map to
contact the county-appropriate provider. Those providers, in turn, are using a wide variety of ways to sign people up for the vaccine.  



ImmTrac2 is Texas Health & Human services or Texas state health’s Immunization registry, which is confidential, population-based, computerized systems that record all vaccination doses administered by participating Health systems/providers to population within a given state/geography.

Santeware had opportunity to work closely with quite a few US states registries including the Texas state registry for setting up bi-directional SOAP Interface between well know public funded Health system & ImmTrac2. We provided end to end HL7 version 2.5.1 Integration services which included managing of Affirmation of Disaster consent, Reporting 1st & 2nd dose based on administration date for same patient record, provide capability to validate patient demographic as per ImmTrac2 specification and management of Moderna
 details administered for each patient. 

Santeware was also able to query ImmTrac2 for immunization history for a single patient, Queries for immunization records occur by providing patient demographics, which is done on a multi-tier matching algorithm. The data is imported back into EHR, though where exactly in the EHR depends on the vendor.


For some EHRs patient queries are automated based on a patient status (appointment made, patient arrived, etc.). Other EHRs require a manual query. Once the query is complete, immunization history information populates in the patient’s records. The complete build was made available within 4 working days and validated successfully with ImmTrac2 test environment before it was approved to move to Production in short period of time. The MIRTH channel created initially did bulk processing of around 20,000 records to sync with registry and within 3-4 days daily vaccine records administered were made to sync with registry on real time basis.

Santeware can help your organization in various ways to integrate various state registries with various systems as per your needs in less than 5 days time. Contact Santeware to know more.

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