What is Uniform Data System (UDS) Business Intelligence reporting?

Uniform Data System is an annual reporting system that provides standardized information about the performance and operation of health centers delivering health care services to undeserved communities and vulnerable populations. Its core components include patient demographics, staffing and utilization, selected…


5 Steps for Planning a EMR Data Migration

Proceeding with a EMR data migration is a major undertaking, especially in today’s high-speed business environment where even a few minutes of downtime could result in sizable financial costs. Whether a company is only relocating data or executing a full-scale…


What is HL7? A Beginner’s Guide

Health Level 7 (HL7) is one of the most commonly used healthcare standards worldwide, supporting clinical practice and the evaluation, delivery, and management of health service undeserved. HL7 provides a framework that helps govern how electronic health information is retrieved,…


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