Report Services

Managing this growing backlog of requests and demand for new reports can further
add to your challenges if your organization has a reactive approach to planning for
reporting, lacks bandwidth for staff members with report creation skills, frequently
tasks the reports to newly trained staff members who lack the appropriate skills, or
has a help desk that isn’t equipped to handle the report, request and delivery process.
Despite all of these challenges, however, having the right knowledge at the right time
is a powerful asset to any decision-making agenda, but without effective report writing,
a critical component of the decision-making process is left void.

Get the most value from your healthcare information systems
Experience has shown that delivering effective report writing is all about creating a culture
where people understand, value and demand fact-based decision making.
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Report Writing Services by NTT DATA provide a powerful
advantage that can enable you to utilize your healthcare information system (HIS) data
and effectively monitor and analyze performance trends across your organization.


Our reports provide your organization’s
physicians, caregivers, executives and
administrators with in-depth analyses
of key clinical, business and operational
data, which allows them to make
informed, proactive decisions.
Rapid delivery cycle from a vast
team of experts
Utilize our global team of healthcare
applications management experts to
ensure your organization fully taps into
the power of your EHR reports —
without missing possible business
intelligence advantages or incurring
the expense of training and dedicating
internal resources.
Our experts, with their in-depth
knowledge of EHR reporting tools and
applications, can map complex reporting
requirements to meet your needs and
help define the reports that give you the
most meaningful information.
With the support of our vast professional
resources and their skill sets, we aim to
deliver EHR Report Writing Services
at a rate we don’t believe you’ll see
elsewhere — often surprisingly lower than
the competition. And when you factor in
not needing to train and retain dedicated
staff for report creation, we’re confident
you will find that our services deliver
significant upfront and long-term value.
Our reports can be prepared and
presented in a manner your organization
finds most effective. Additionally, the
reports can be made available to all
of your hospital and clinical end users
who need them and are permitted to
access them.